Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Dear Esther:

Let's face it you're last blog entry was quite depressing and probably scared off ure loyal followers (aka your mom, brothers and maybe one friend)... For the next entry, I suggest you write about the 10 greatest things about Guatemala:

1. Every chicken bus is a moving altar to Jesus.. Seriously who needs church when you have your own movable icons and live sermons while being transported!

2. Having a volcano you'll surely hike soon in plain view from your window

3. Great nearby volunteers and sitemates- one of whom is cooking for your lazy bum as we speak

4. Guatemalan health educators and their nonsense, craziness, and pervertness

5. Getting used to making up words and forgetting english, ie: see bullet #4

6. Guatemala time- sure it can be aggravating always waiting around, but hey the NY 9-5er stress is worse

7. Inspiration to write and.... get writer's block....

8. Having the creativity and freedom to decide what, when and how I want to work and not the other way around

9. The spontaneous, unplanned and random incidents and conversations of the day

10. Seeing the horizon from the top of a windy but yet breathtaking mountain and thinking "this is where I work"



1 comment:

  1. I voutch, will do the same for Brazil!!!!

    The best part is Caruaru capital do Forro (I swear Trio Nordestino says so!!)