Saturday, July 18, 2009

holy crap.... im a gd pcv!!!!!!!!

July 15, 09

What to do, what to write.... I know it`s been a while, and some of you are probably wondering if I`m even alive. The answer is obviously.. YES! The last few weeks have been a mayhem of finishing our activities, visiting our new sites, rush of emotions, saying goodbyes, meeting new people, and being absolutely ecstatic with the end of training!! I wish I ¨could put into words how amazing my experience up to now has been, and how unexpectedly amazing all these volunteers really are.... We all have different stories, different backgrounds, but somehow all crazy and passionate enough to be here... We realize that we may not change Guatemala in a split second, but we can certainly try to change a live or two along the way. It`s all about development sustainability here folks, and basic education along the way... So on that note, i`ll share below a dialogue I wrote and shared with the rest of the group as part of my commitment show speech for the next two years (part of it is in originally spanish, but it`s been changed for you damn English readers):

The Fishermen

Two fishermen stranded on a boat in the depth of the ocean staring into the infinite darkness ..... One begins to desperately cry and breaks the silence.....

Fisherman 1 `Here I am at alone at world`s end and Irealize that I don`t know who I am and can`t understand what I`ve done with my life..`

Fisherman 2. `What are you saying? Do you think that you haven`t lived until now? Me, I have my memories... The light of the sun falling onto the night, and the emotions I have lived through every person, every experience.

F1 `Ah, all I ever wanted out of life was to bring home lots of fish, to make my family proud, build my wife a beautiful house and get the toys my children have always wanted.`

F2 And do you still think that the door to a beautiful house can show you the way to happiness? Brother, we have lived a long life, but a life just for fish. Yes, I have lived every corner of the world, and have realized that you and I like everyone else share the same water, the same earth, the same world.

-1 Sounds like I`ve lived my life all wrong.

2 - Friend, what is the point of living a life of fishing, when there is so much beauty and hope in the world? If we can`t help and live with one another and the people of our world, what is the point of humanity? The truth is that a Guatemalteco, just like a Gringo, need each other, like a flower needs its bee. What a shame that only stranded on this boat in front of death`s face, we are finally able to understand each other.

1 -I think it`s because we`ve forgotten to live and think outside of ourselves. Maybe we choose to fill our lives with artificial happiness because we fear the magnitude of the world.

2 Now you`re thinking friend, history has given different consequences for everyone and his land, but that is no excuse to turn a blind eye to the problems that affect our world.

1 Do you think that maybe perhaps if were started living for the lives of others and realized our co-dependency, we could then make it a better place to live?

2 There will always be ignorance and selfishness, but that doesn`t mean we should just ignore it. Yes, in this boat, we see the same stars, the same universe as the rest of the world.

1 True, we are just specs under the universe`s jacket.... But what a beauty would it be to live for mere strangers, for those born and burdened under history`s dark shadow. Yes! We are just specs, just creatures, the simple, same creatures, alike in blood and water. All these thoughts, all these feelings and all I want to do is swim home to tell my children, so they too can finally understand the meaning of life.

2 Sit down, sit down my friend, one day you will be able to tell them, but until then the only thing to do is wait....

The boat drifts afar into the ocean.... They disappear in the darkness...

I know a bit dramatic and abstract, but as I sit in bed, thinking about swearing in tomorrow, I repeat now what I said that day: that this isn`t just two years, it`s my life commitment.


ps... this was originally written a few days ago due to malakias internet service... i am now officially a peace corps volunteer yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

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  1. Oh sweetie I am sure you know this story...

    A man (maybe he could have been the beach comber that your father never became.. ask him one day..) is strolling along the beach and picks up all the starfish that he finds alive back to the water..

    A bystander is asking him: what is the point of doing this? There are so many starfish on this wont make a difference,,,

    And the man answers back throwing a starfish back in the water: " this one sees the point,
    I made the difference for this one...

    Good night daughter, you are making a difference for the people whose path you are crossing..

    Congratulations Peace Corps Volunteer...
    Love Mom