Monday, April 19, 2010

All about YOU

Hellooooooo reader!

So I´ve realized that I´ve been selfleshly blabbing about myself all this time without even bothering to ask you: How are YOU doing?? I know that you might be reading this which in turn, makes you think you´re in contact with me, but the truth is I never hear from you! Come on, we all have facebook, send me a message, let me know about life in the States, because believe it or not there are things that we miss once in a while (you know like a good old burger, Obama, a clean creek, a Republican or two, et al).... Any corky news, new babies??? Let me know, would loveee to hear from you.

Well that´s it about YOU, on to boasting about myself: All is really good here! I am actually in Brazil right now visiting my father for a short bit, and will be back off to Guatemala at the end of this month. It will be a year this month too that I have been in Peace Corps Guatemala! Can you believe it?? Time sure flies...

I think the culture shock here has hit me harder than when I came back to NY. Like Guatemala, Brazil is a latin country, which has left me perplexed when seeing white people, tall people, interracial people, and beautiful fru-fru neighborhoods. I suppose it shouldn´t be a shock since I used to live here but somehow I feel like I´ve returned as a stranger in my home. Brazil has grown and become very rich since I was last there, and the physical results are apparent.

On the Guatemalan front, work has been good, and always finding myself busy, trying to be a superhero and do a million things at once. But when you are dealing with poor indigenous communities, there are always things that should have been done better, a different way, a mistake, or more things that could be done. So I´ve been trying to calm myself down and be easier on myself, reminding little Esther that it is this way specifically because much of the work is new to these communities....

If not, I´m excited to continue on with the second halfish part of my service, which entails focusing more on construction projects here with poor families (letrines, cement floors, water tanks, stoves depending on the needs)... I´ll also be trying to do a mini project building with recycled bottles stuffed out of plastic garbage (I think we´re going to start small and build benches)... I know it sounds crazy but check it out, I think you´d find it interesting:

It would be awesome to do a mini project wherever YOU are too (I told you this is all about YOU)! It is so easy and really interesting too! It has gotten alot of attention here... Even Barbara Walters flew down to interview a fellow volunteer who built an entire school out of these bottles (at least that´s the Peace Corps rumor)!!

Anyway, I am really excited to build things here and get down and dirty!! I´ve also been thinking more and more to go back to school for Public Health and maybe International Devlp´t. I know a long shot from my original Poli Sci undergraduate degree right??

Since this is still about YOU, I think you deserve some pics:

Kids getting wild at the Dia Del Carbaval in February....

My dog developing a new compulsive habit of roof-climbing

Fellow pcvs enjoying the mountain view during a 4 hour hike.....

OK YOU, send me some news!!



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  1. I am good thanks finally I get to talk to you every day...