Saturday, May 2, 2009

Accidental Bucket Bath Baptism

Excuse my delay in correspondence, but the first three days of my life as a Guatemalteca have been a bit hectic! I've spent days between long training, medical, safety orientation at the Center and conversations, lunches, dinners with my host family here in a village located nearby Gringo hotspot Antigua... Although I haven't had much time to explore, life in this village is quite simple, nice and well, slow... The people are very religious and oober conservative, which really doesn't seem to bother me despite my obvious liberal undertones (ie/ flipflops are prohibited and looked down upon!!) my host family here is very nice, and it seems as if the Dona is the ring leader of the local church community, as both my roomate, Andrea, and I got to experience a procession of Santa Lucia right in the living room... pretty intense might I say... I don't have much time to write much else, I have 6 mns. left, but I am moving out to another village today where I will be staying with a permanent family within the next three months... Played alot of soccer last night, and took a very cold bucket bath on my very first day here, although it turns out that the shower actually works and that I just didn't know how to use it (thus the title of this entry).... Life is good, stoked for the future.


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